In addition to asking teachers for extra assistance, the following rooms are available for student use:

LIBRARY  The library is open for student use during regular school hours and after school until 3:00 pm.  At all times, students using the library are expected to be working on assignments and making use of library materials.  Food and beverages are not permitted in the library at any time.  The loan period for most books is two weeks.  Fines are levied on late returns. For online resources to assist you with your projects, click here Library Resources.
LEARNING CENTRE (ROOM 242)  The Learning Centre is open before school, at lunch, after school, and throughout the school day for students to have extra resources and/or assistance with their work.  Students are expected to have teacher or administrative permission to be in there, and students must be working or they will be asked to leave.
MATH LABThe Math Lab is open at lunch every day for students to have extra assistance with their math work.  The math teachers rotate through the room according to a weekly schedule.  More information is available from every math teacher.