The learning focus of the Practical Academics and Life Skills program is to provide students with functional and purposeful skills that will support success.  It is a stepping stone towards independent living.  Teaching will take place in a meaningful context; real-life situations will enhance concept and skill development.  Materials used to facilitate experiential learning will be largely concrete and hands-on in nature.  Each student in the program will have an individual education plan, which addresses their unique educational needs and incorporates realistic, manageable, yet appropriately challenging expectations.

The Practical Academics and Life Skills program will address the following areas of need based on individual programming:

  • Basic Living Skills: dressing, washroom procedures, asking questions, making requests, etc.
  • Social Skills: sharing, turn-taking, basic conflict resolution, etc.
  • Communication: conversation skills, augmentative or alternative communication choices etc.
  • Functional Academics: Literacy and numeracy to support independence etc.
  • Self-Control Strategies: frustration and anger management, etc.
  • Motor Skills: fine and gross motor physical activities, adaptive physical education, etc.

While Practical Academics and Life Skills is a full-time program, there are opportunities for integration into other classes within the school, as appropriate.

NOTE: Admission to Practical Academics and Life Skills is to be arranged through the feeder school and the Head of Special Education (Stephanie Tucker).