LCVI’s guidance counsellors are available to meet with students and/or parents for support, course and career guidance, or for referrals to other supports in the community.

Guidance Secretary:

Ms. Karen Fudge:  [email protected];  705-325-3556  Ext. 37020

Guidance Counsellors:

Ms. Kathy Naylor:  [email protected];  705-324-3556  Ext. 37024
Head of Student Services

Ms. Mary Cossarin:  [email protected];  705-324-3556  Ext. 37032
Co-op & Guidance Counsellor

Ms. Stephanie Tucker:  [email protected];  705-324-3556  Ext. 37030
Head of Special Education

Extra Supports Available within the School:

Students Services / Attendance Counselor (Social Worker)
Mental Health & Addictions Nurse