If your child is absent…

Please Email Attendance: [email protected] 

Or Call: 705-324-3556 Ext. 37701,

Or Send a Note (prior to an absence or immediately upon the student’s return to school.)  

You will receive a call for any unexplained absences if attendance isn’t cleared up during the school day.  

All students must follow the following procedures related to attendance:

A. Any student, regardless of age, MUST follow proper sign in/sign out procedures whenever they come into or leave the building during the school day. Students may not leave or enter the school without first reporting to the office to sign in or out, with parent/guardian authorization.

B. Notes for appointments MUST be presented to the office prior to the beginning of the school day in which the student is scheduled to leave.

C. Detentions will be issued for truancy and for failure to follow proper sign in/sign out procedures. Detentions will be issued for each class skipped. Chronic offenders will face suspension.

D. Students who are over 18 years of age must have a valid reason for signing out. Documentation from a practitioner may be requested for any absence.

E. The only acceptable reasons for absence are limited to:

➢ Illness that is justified by a parent
➢ Medical, legal, dental appointments that are cleared with the office in advance
➢ Bereavement
➢ Major family emergencies

F. Your participation in all co-curricular activities (e.g. dances, sports) is also dependent on your daily attendance and respect for following this policy.

Please remember that YOU are accountable and responsible.

Thank you for your cooperation.