When? At lunch.  Games start at 11:10 a.m. and finish at 11:30 a.m.  Eat your lunch in the cafeteria BEFORE coming down to the gym. Your team will play one game per week.  If you want more time in the gym, there are many “Open Gym” days scheduled for shooting around and playing pick-up sports.

Why? To meet new people…for fitness…lunch can be boring…to win prizes…to get involved…to relieve stress…to raise school spirit…to listen to music…to be active.

Who? All students are welcome to participate!  There will be three divisions: (1) Grades 9 & 10 Boys, (2) Grades 11 & 12 Boys, and (3) Open Girls.  The more teams, the better!

What? The first sport will be indoor soccer.  This is usually followed by floorball (a new and better version of floor hockey), dodgeball and team handball (for the boys) and volleyball (for the girls).  This is subject to change based on input from intramural participants!

Where? In our big gymnasium…Come down, get changed into athletic clothing and have a blast!  AT THE VERY LEAST, YOU MUST WEAR RUNNING SHOES!

How? Sign up a team of 6-10 players with a team captain…if you keep the team together over the course of the school year, then you can ACCUMULATE POINTS towards capturing the SUPERTEAM “SHIELD” title at the end of the school year. Registration forms can be submitted to the Physical Education office located in the main gymnasium.


Also, teams who fully participate and show commitment to playing multiple sports, will have the opportunity to design SUPERTEAM

T-SHIRTS. This raises school spirit and identifies your team.  Your team name and a logo of your choice will appear on the shirt.