SHSM programs allow students to focus their learning on a specific economic sector
while meeting the requirements to graduate from secondary school.

  • SHSM programs allow students to identify, explore, and refine career goals and make
    informed decisions about their future.
  • Students earn credits and gain career-relevant training that post-secondary educational
    institutions and the sector recognize.
  • All SHSM students earn First Aid, CPR, and WHMIS certification and sector specific
  • Students must complete a bundle of 8-10 specific courses including a cooperative
    education placement, required certifications, and reach ahead opportunities.
  • Students in grade 11 or 12 from all pathways: apprenticeship, college, university,
    workplace can begin working on SHSM components.

LCVI offers four Specialist High Skills Major Programs:

  • Construction (TCJ3C)
  • Health and Wellness (SNC4MR/IDP4UR)
  • Transportation (TTJ3CW)
  • Sport (PAL4OR)

For more information contact Student Services.