ADA 1OR Grade 9, Dramatic Arts (Open)

This course focuses on group dynamics through games and group work.

AMG1OR Grade 9, Music, Guitar (Open)

Students will learn to play guitar and express themselves through music.

AMC1OR Grade 9, Music for Creating (Open)

This contemporary music stream focuses on student created works. This introductory course is open to students of any level of ability and deals with the study and exploration of modern commercial music genres. Students will learn the fundamentals and elements of music. Students will develop performance skills, an understanding of theoretical concepts and respond to and analyse music from a variety of genres. This course is open to all instruments and vocal types. However, there is a limited supply of school instruments available for student use. As such, students are encouraged to bring their own instrument or perform vocally.

AMU1OR Grade 9, Instrumental Music, Band (Open)

This course emphasizes the creation and performance of music at a level consistent with previous experience and is aimed at developing technique, sensitivity, and imagination. Students will develop musical literacy skills by using the creative and critical analysis processes in composition, performance, and a range of reflective and analytical activities. Students will develop an understanding of the conventions and elements of music and safe practices related to music and will develop a variety of skills transferable to other areas of their lives.

AVI 1OR Grade 9, Visual Arts (Open)

This course offers a hands-on, project driven, fun and creative course to explore and become familiar with the elements and principles of design


BEM 1OR Grade 9, Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset (Open)

This course introduces students to information and communication technology in a business environment and builds a foundation of digital literacy skills necessary for success in a technologically driven society. Students will develop word processing, spreadsheet, database, desktop publishing, presentation software, and website design skills. Throughout the course, there is an emphasis on digital literacy, effective electronic research and communication skills, and current issues related to the impact of information and communication technology. This hands-on computer course allows students to explore a variety of business-related applications.


TAS 1OR Grade 9, Technology and the Skilled Trades (Open)

This hands-on course enables students to further explore the engineering design process and develop other technological knowledge and skills introduced in earlier grades. Students will design and safely create prototypes, products, and/or services, working with tools and technologies from various industries. As students develop their projects to address real-life problems, they will apply technological concepts such as precision measurement, as well as health and safety standards. Students will begin to explore job skills programs and education and training pathways, including skilled trades, that can lead to a variety of careers. Students will design and create products and/or provide services related to the various technological areas or industries, working with a variety of tools, equipment and software commonly used in the industries.


CGC 1WR Grade 9, Exploring Canadian Geography (Destreamed)

This course builds on learning in Grades 7 and 8 in geography. Students will explore relationships within and between Canada’s natural and human systems and how they interconnect with other parts of the world. Students will also examine environmental and economic issues, and their impact related to topics such as natural resources and industries, careers, land use and responsible development, and sustainability. In addition, students will understand the connections that diverse communities and individuals have with the physical environment and each other throughout Canada, including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit perspectives. Students will apply geographic thinking, use the geographic inquiry process, and use geospatial technologies throughout their investigations.


HFN 1OR Grade 9, Food and Nutrition, (Open)

Embark on a journey to understand the impact of your food choices on health and the environment. Uncover the secrets behind beliefs, trends, and traditional eating patterns, all while developing practical cooking skills. Take a glimpse at how food choices can impact the world locally and globally. Enrich your life – one bite at a time!


PPL 1OR Grade 9, Healthy Active Living Education, (Open)

This course equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices now and lead healthy, active lives in the future, through participation in a wide variety of activities.


ENL 1WR Grade 9, English (Destreamed)

This course enables students to continue to develop and consolidate the foundational knowledge and skills that they need for reading, writing, and oral and visual communication. Throughout the course, students will continue to enhance their media literacy and critical literacy skills, and to develop and apply transferable skills, including digital literacy. Students will also make connections to their lived experiences and to society and increase their understanding of the importance of language and literacy across the curriculum.

ENG 1LR Grade 9, English (Locally Developed)

Permission must be obtained from the Head of Special Education to register for this course.

ESL AOR ESL Level 1, English as a Second Language (Open)

Offered on a need basis.

FSF 1DR Grade 9, Core French (Academic)

This course emphasizes the further development of oral communication, reading, and writing skills. Students will build on and apply their knowledge of French while exploring a variety of themes, such as relationships, trends, and careers. Thematic readings, which include a selection of short stories, articles, and poems, will serve as stepping stones to oral and written activities.


MTH 1WR Grade 9, Principles of Mathematics (Destreamed)

This course enables students to consolidate, and continue to develop, an understanding of mathematical concepts related to number sense and operations, algebra, measurement, geometry, data, probability, and financial literacy. Students will use mathematical processes, mathematical modelling, and coding to make sense of the mathematics they are learning and to apply their understanding to culturally responsive and relevant realworld situations. Students will continue to enhance their mathematical reasoning skills, including proportional reasoning, spatial reasoning, and algebraic reasoning, as they solve problems and communicate their thinking

MAT 1LR Grade 9, Mathematics (Locally Developed)

Permission must be obtained from the Head of Special Education to register for this course.


SNC 1WR Grade 9, Science (Destreamed)

This course enables students to develop their understanding of concepts related to biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space science, and to relate science to technology, society, and the environment. Throughout the course, students will develop and refine their STEM skills as they use scientific research, scientific experimentation, and engineering design processes to investigate concepts and apply their knowledge in situations that are relevant to their lives and communities. Students will continue to develop  transferable skills as they become scientifically literate global citizens.

SNC 1LR Grade 9, Science (Locally Developed)

Permission must be obtained from the Head of Special Education to register for this course.


Guidance and Career Education courses may be used to satisfy the Social Science graduation requirement.

GLE 1OR Grade 9, Learning Strategies 1:
Skills for Success in Secondary School (Open)

This course focuses on learning strategies to help students become better, more independent learners. Students will learn how to develop and apply literacy and numeracy skills, personal management skills, and interpersonal and teamwork skills to improve their learning and achievement in school, the workplace, and the community. The course helps students build confidence and motivation to pursue opportunities for success in secondary school and beyond.