#StartMeUp – Skilled Trades

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The skilled trades is a growing industry. Over the next ten years, as baby boomers retire, there will be a great need for skilled trade workers. Skills Canada estimates that 40 percent of new jobs created this decade will be in the skilled trades.

TLDSB has launched the #StartMeUp campaign in order to increase the knowledge and awareness of all regarding the incredible opportunities that are available for students in the area of skilled trades and apprenticeships. We hope to explore current and future opportunities, start conversations, and plan for our students’ future together.

#StartMeUp showcases current career opportunities and pathways in the area of skilled trades and apprenticeships. Students, staff, parents, and community members will increase their knowledge and awareness of the multiple opportunities available to students in this area.

Learn more about #StartMeUp by visiting tldsb.ca/pathways.