SEAC Parent/Guardian Survey

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Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Survey

In an effort to assist the board to best serve parents/ guardians and the school community in relation to special education, SEAC expressed interest in engaging with the Parent/Guardian Community.  The intent is to solicit input in regard to the IEP Process in TLDSB with a specific focus on whether stakeholders understand the processes, feel that they are able to meaningfully contribute to the processes, and feel that the IEP recommendations are being successfully reflected in their child’s school experience.

Parents/guardians will be asked to respond (anonymously) to questions about how long their child has had an IEP, what the parent/guardian level of understanding of the IEP is, whether the school communicates with the parent/guardian about the IEP and whether the parent/guardian see a connection between the IEP and the report card.

The IEP Parent/Guardian survey will be released to parents/guardians of all students in TLDSB who have an IEP. The survey will be open from February 13 to March 6, 2020.