October 25, 2019 Professional Activity Day

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The PD Day on Friday, October 25, 2019 will focus on School Improvement Planning and Monitoring/Promoting Well Being and Connecting to the BIPSA. It applies to all LCVI teachers, with the understanding that math concepts and skills can be developed in connection with learning cross-curricular areas. Mathematics is a key foundation of students’ learning, and while not everyone is a math teacher, mathematics is a part of every subject of study, and every teacher needs to be able to support fundamental mathematics learning.

October 25th PA Day – SECONDARY AGENDA

9 a.m. LCVI Staff will participate in two Google/Edwin sessions led by Nelson staff

Session #1
-using the features within Edwin to support research (i.e., highlighting, extracting text, take notes, text to speech features)
-collecting learning objects using criteria- video, article, etc.
-creating a collection
-posting learning objects to Classroom

Session #2
“Tips and Tricks for using Google Suite for Education with Edwin”

12 p.m. Lunch

1 p.m. Fundamental Math and Financial Literacy across the curriculum

School Improvement Planning for Student Achievement and Well Being; What changes need to be made to our school improvement plan to reflect Math and Financial Literacy across the curriculum? Staff will meet departmentally to address how this area of need can further develop within their own curricular areas.