Greetings, and welcome to the new LCVI website.

For quite some time now educational research has found strong correlations between effective communication and improved student learning.  The LCVI website is simply another avenue for you, as members of the LCVI community, to interact and communicate with one another.  By making communication easier, we hope to engage students, staff, parents and community members in the educational process and thus help promote student success.  The Principal’s Blog will be my venue to share information, propose ideas, celebrate success, and practice shameless LCVI self promotion. 

Accessing any member of the LCVI community is simple from our website: simply access the staff directory and highlight the name of the individual that you would like to contact.  You will be directed to their e-mail site where you can leave messages.  Accessing the Principal is no different: I will do my best to answer your questions, listen to your ideas, and respond to concerns.  Likewise, I will post information and thoughts on my blog site, and I invite you to respond with your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.

Once again, welcome to the new LCVI website.  Use it, enjoy it, and become an active participant in making our school even more successful.


Mr. C. Schweitzer,

Principal, LCVI