On Friday October 8 the Spartans will once again break out their favourite pink spandex, boas and jammies as we celebrate our Trish Peter Fun Run.  The Trish Peter Fun Run has become a tradition at LCVI.  It is a truly a magical time when cultural and social barriers are removed, enemies become friends, and the true spirit of “community” is personified and reflected in the faces of our students.  We gather on the back campus in a sea of pink to remember a fallen Spartan, generate money for cancer research, and rekindle our strong sense of community, inclusion, and acceptance.

If you would like to support LCVI’s efforts in raising money for the Trish’s Wish Foundation, please contact the school at 324-3556.

And, if you are in Lindsay on October 8 and are overwhelmed by a sea of pink on Kent Street, then you will know that you are in Spartan Country.


Mr. C. Schweitzer,

Principal, LCVI