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The Gold Star Constuction Program provides students with a first hand opportunity to apply their construvgion skills on a real job site.  Students in this program, through the support of Mason Homes, will complete their credits for a semester while building a home within the Mason Homes project.  Some students will also have an opportunity to work iwth other trades people such as plumbers and electricians.

The Gold Star Program is also unique in that a LCVI teacher will be on site at all times to teach and oversee the student projecty.  This is a first for our area.  At the end of a semster working on site, students have the potential to complete 2 Senior Level Construction Technology Credits along with 2 Cooperative Education Credits.  This opportunity will also place students in an excellent position to begin ther apprenticeship in the construction trades and to pursue a summer job in the construction inudustry.

Who is Eligible?

The program will be looking for students who:

  • are at least 16 years of age
  • have a good academic record
  • have a good attendance record
  • are prepared to abide by the program’s code of behaviour
  • are prepared to be interviewed and are able to demonstrate a keen interest in the construction industry